6-Week Pregnancy Yoga Course

This 6-week pregnancy yoga course is designed to introduce expectant Mums to prenatal yoga and give them a tool-kit of techniques to help make pregnancy and delivery healthier and more comfortable. Join weekly 75-minute yoga sessions followed by time to chat with other students (birth partners also welcome!) over healthy refreshments.

You can read more about the specific benefits of yoga during pregnancy here.

The course is firmly rooted in the recognition that although no two pregnancies or births are the same, every woman should feel seen, supported and empowered on their journey.

Each week revolves around a theme – from firm foundations and building trust to releasing fear – helping to deepen each students practice as their pregnancy progresses. Each session includes:

  • A breathing exercise (pranayama) aimed at increasing relaxation and a sense of calm and inner strength during photo-1419090960390-4969330366abpregnancy, and which can be used to ease labour.
  • A carefully choreographed sequence of yoga postures (asana) and gentle movements to tone, relax and strengthen, and to physically, mentally and emotionally prepare for progressing pregnancy and labour. Each practice reflects the week’s theme, the deepening connection between Mum and baby and the group’s energy on the day!
  • Accessible exercises and techniques for home practice, varying from yoga postures breathing exercises to pelvic floor strengthening and walking meditations.
  • Some weeks will feature visualisation exercises, to prepare women for labour and give them confidence in their abilities to birth and Mother.
  • Each session closes with a guided meditation and period of deep, restful relaxation.

Comprehensive hand-outs are provided to summarise key techniques and help you to practice at home between classes, or to practice safely in ‘normal’ yoga classes.

All students need to complete a registration form and are encouraged to let their doctor or midwife know about their plans to practice yoga. If you have any specific concerns regarding your health and pregnancy, please do get permission from your midwife before attending – yoga is a really safe way of exercising whilst expecting, but there may be some specific things we need to bare in mind whilst we work!

Mats and props are provided, although you’re welcome to bring your own if you have them. If you’d like to book a spot on the next course or would like more information on classes, just send me a message using the form below or you can e-mail me at saldrifts@gmail.com

Please note: Courses are fully booked until October 2016. If you’d like to be added on to the wait list for the next enrolment  or are interested in private tuition, please get in touch!

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