Corporate Yoga

The way we work is changing. Longer hours and increased work-related stress are driving employers to think about their social responsibilities towards staff. Forward-thinking businesses who provide workplace exercise and stress-reduction programs have come to recognise the benefits these schemes are providing, and many other businesses are w
ondering how they can get involved without a large financial outlay.

Graduating from Cambridge and spending many years working under professional pressure in a variety of both large and small companies, I have developed a thorough understanding ofwhat a business and its staff require from an exercise or stress-management program. As an experienced yoga teacher, my training in a variety of styles enables me to tailor a class to fit your needs exactly; whether that’s quiet, restorative yoga, a work out, meditation or a class that can reduce injury specific to your type of work (e.g. computer-related strains and back problems).

Create a More Effective Workforce

Poor lifestyle choices cost UK businesses £58bn each year in dropped productivity (1). Yoga provides a coping toolkit for the 87% of individuals who report suffering from work-related stress, and the University of Bristol (2) sho
wed the regular exercise it provides leaves staff feeling sharper, happier, feeling better about themselves, being more forgiving of their colleagues and managing their time well. One of the researchers, Jo Coulson, said ‘If people try to fit an active break into their working day, they might also experience the added bonus of their whole day feeling much more productive. And that always feels good in our busy lives.’ With a yoga class fitting seamlessly into a lunch break, slotting onto the end of a working day or even taking place before your business opens, allowing time for your staff to recharge needn’t impact on your schedule.

photo-1429051781835-9f2c0a9df6e4Save Money

The average UK employee takes 9 days of sick leave annually (1). The cost of this can be particularly detrimental to small businesses – not just in lost revenue but also from the inconvenience of having absent employees at key times. Healthier employees means a healthier bottom line. Jo Coulson also reported his University of Bristol study ‘begs the question whether employers can afford not to be encouraging active breaks’. With classes starting from just £35 a week, I can help you improve not only the health of your staff but of your business itself.

Make Your Staff Feel Valued

In these times of economic pressure and uncertainty, providing a yoga class is a cost-efficient way to let your staff know you care. Raising company morale and making staff feel appreciated can reduce absenteeism and staff turnover. Providing opportunities like yoga classes also increases employee respect for senior management.

Start a Chain Reaction

It’s not just exercise that can benefit your staff – nutrition also has a significant effect on workforce health. A regular yoga practice helps people to make better choices regarding the food they eat, as well as other habits such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking.

Your Office is Already Ready

Yoga classes only require a small space and minimal equipment… a yoga mat, which we can provide or your staff may already own.


Interested? You can introduce yoga to your workspace from only £35 per session. To find out more or discuss your specific needs, call Sal on 07554 441776 or e-mail We look forwards to hearing from you soon.



1 – University of Cambridge, RAND Europe (2014) ‘Britain’s Healthiest Company study’. Available online at:

2 – Coulson, J.C., McKenna, J. and Field, M. (2008) ‘Exercise at work and self-reported work performance’, International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 1(3) pp. 176-197.

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